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About African Gideon Ministries

Our Ministry's History

  My name is ALEXANDRE NYANDWI and I am Burundian by nationality. I am husband to my wife Esther (11/2015) and father to our two daughters, I.R.M. Gold and I. Edna Crown.

  We currently live in Rwanda as refugees from Burundi. We became refugees due to the civil war in our country of Burundi. I am the youngest child of 7 who comes from a poor family and did not ever know my mother. I relied on others to help me on my way as a child going up through school as my parents were unable. I would sell plastic bags at times to fund my way through my schooling. God was always faithful to me despite the hardships I faced.

  I have been a Christ-following believer since the age of 12. A friend invited me to church around the age of 9. I was baptized in Burundi in 1996 at the Emmanuel Community Church where I grew up serving God. I became a choir leader. It was dangerous for me to attend a non-Catholic church. When my father discovered that I had done so, he set fire to my belongings, it will forever be etched in my memory.

  Because God never left me, I have a deep love for Him and a deep commitment to others like me, who desperately need the hope and love of Jesus.


Our Commitment to the Gospel

Our vision with African Gideon Ministries is in helping fellow people as much as we possible can. My vision is to see vulnerable kids sent to school, widows and street kids loved on and assisted in their needs. A vision for a ministry school in the future for those born in a less privileged area of the world. I am passionately called to worship ministry and dream of a digitalized studio to record songs to share, as well as to have a complex recreation hall for gathering and entertainment. My greatest vision is to further the love of our Creator by displaying the love He freely gives us.

Our global sisters & brothers across waters

  Our heart is for brothers and sisters in Christ to be connected intentionally through prayer, the sharing of ministry happenings, encouragement, and an over-all global call to action on behalf of Christ as the Church as we are Scripturally called.

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